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We enable those who are not able to make it to your simcha in Israel, to take part in the event from afar. Your Virtual Guests are able to walk with you down the aisle, stand under the chuppa, be at the Bris, or hear the d’var Torah at the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Your Virtual Guests will have a great viewing experience arranged by Akiva Tepperman and his experienced staff no matter where they are.

Our process

Can't come to your family's simcha in Israel? Live Stream Simcha can take you there, virtually.
You can enjoy the entire simcha in the comfort of you own home. Enjoy seeing your nieces, nephews, cousins, children, and grandchildren dancing among their friends and family.

Sending a live video feed to your friends and family outside the venue is done by using a video camera connected to the internet worldwide. Your friends and family can watch the simcha from their internet connected computer, smartphone or tablet.

After the broadcast has completed, the video is available immediately to watch again and be downloaded at your convenience. This can be done with the same original link provided to you before the event. The same link for watching the Broadcast live. 

The livestream can be shared as publicly or as privately as you want. We can set it up so it broadcasts to your Facebook page or you can distribute a link to whom ever you wish to view your simcha.

If you’d like to see examples of our work, send us an email and we will be glad to send you a link.

Tip:  Instead of watching the simcha on a small screen, connect your device to a projector or television. Your entire family can enjoy watching the simcha together on a large screen.

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Our features


We provide a reliable high quality service that you and your viewers can count on.


 Your event can be viewed by all  of your family and friends from anywhere in the world. Unlimited viewers


We provide a secure internet connection devoted exclusively to your live event.


Your live stream can be viewed on a variety of devices such as a PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and more.


We provide support before and after the event. We can help your family to setup their device for viewing your live video feed. We can even do a "live test" before we go live.


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"So many friends and relatives have enjoyed viewing our daughter's wedding on Live Stream Simcha...Your staff was most professional answering questions and getting great shots of the event without disturbing the ceremony or the guests."

Mary Lerman

"We loved being able to watch parts of our wedding right after and share with everyone from the US and Argentina who couldn't make it!"

Ariela Lacovsky

"The real-time broadcast of our wedding allowed many friends and relatives to participate from afar."
"We are still getting feedback from people across the globe, who could not attend in person but... felt a part of our simcha. "

Simcha Kagan‎

"It's a pleasure to offer our highest recommendation for Live Stream Simcha."

Avi Shmidman

"Be next to write a review"

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Our Team

Akiva Tepperman


Akiva gives great tech support and cares about helping customers. Started in 2014

Laurence Lilling

Quality Assurance

Laurence is very attentive, insuring a quality video stream.